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Post  brain cameron on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:57 pm

Do you know why in all self-respecting casino (and online casinos including) in a conspicuous place is always information about the dangers of Gamblers (in other words - gambling)? The legislation for all such institutions, establishes an obligation to warn the player depending on which is formed by him in the game.

Of gambling game is simple enough - to break one of the jackpot win in slots a few consecutive rotations of the prize, guess with the number on the roulette wheel - and all the player acquires a taste for winning. A win without playing there.


Even people who considered themselves completely Non-gambling, lose self-control after a big win, and to dream again experienced the euphoria when it became clear exactly - the game ended in their favor, and the account appeared a large sum. It appears depending on the game.

Gamblers akin to drug addiction and alcoholism - is exactly proved by scientists and psychologists. Only in the first case, the brain receives a portion of endorphins and adrenaline in the commission of a certain set of actions, and in the case of addiction - from drugs and alcohol. Gamblers have all the same stages of development, and also affects the economic welfare of the players, perhaps only to health, it hurts less, though hardly be called a healthy person who is obsessed with winning, the days and nights the casino, not enough sleep, poorly nourished. Such a way of life undermines the vitality player.

Fair to acknowledge - Gamblers - this addiction, ie violation of the human psyche, as is the case with alcoholism, for example. Many people have a tendency to it, but those who have will power, certain social attitudes, and the adequacy of the norm of behavior, avoid the worst. Czechoslovakian form of Gamblers, according to studies, suffers from a few percent of the people.


In order not to join the ranks of people suffering from this addiction, the player is only a right, that adhere to a set of recommendations, namely:
Previously restricted to an amount of winning and the amount of loss. Once one of these limits is reached, stop the game;
Do not try to recoup, even if there is a feeling that now definitely lucky. An attempt to win back - a step in the swamps of self-deception;
Do not drink alcohol during a game. Beer during the game in the online casino also come under the category "alcohol - the game, and should be excluded from the process fun, or psychological brakes will work soon, and the amount in the account will go to the casino cashier without a trace;
And last but not least: learn to perceive gambling as entertainment, and nothing more.
Only a completely cold-blooded people with great strength of will, can play in the casino, constantly winning, that is, practically, earning money. Answer yourself honestly - do you feel about such people? If not, it is better to severely restrict themselves in the game.

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