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Post  alex weber on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:27 pm

Slots and slot machines not in vain so loved by the players - in addition to unparalleled ease of play, the presence of various bonus games and bonuses, slot machines are distinguished by the presence of jackpots. This means that the player gets a chance to win many times, and at several stages. Impressive amount of progressive jackpots - they are often included over one hundred thousand, and sometimes reach several million dollars.
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It is understandable that players dream of "squeeze" out of the slot all that he has. In this regard, was born the myth of the secrets, you always beat slot machines, each time on the amount that requires the player.
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The idea how popular the secrets of gaming machines, easy to fold the inexhaustible flow of proposals on the web. Winning only one machine, all at once, at any one group of machines - the interested party offer players recipes for all occasions. On what basis these secrets? Typically, software vulnerabilities slot in the detection statistics results and other "deficiencies" of software developers. The player, who seeks universal secrets, comes to sites on the Banner zazyvalkam, and there is a fee or for free downloads a list of "secrets".
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Further developments can be very unpredictable. But most of the information received is not enough that useless, but moreover, contains dangerous for your computer files. Really effective "secrets slots" almost never occur, and if the seller claims that the system is built around the bugs in the freshest machines, it certainly can be true, but usually vendors excellent time to remove all defects before the slots on the blast of a flock players purchased in a "secret."
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"But what about the players who win tens of thousands on the meager pay at vending machines?" - You ask. Perhaps it is precisely that same success, which suggests the existence of any gambler, and it is unlikely it is caused by some external factors.
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As a summing up let me tell you about a few hundred percent Secrets of slot machines. First: play slots where there is a jackpot, and even better - a progressive jackpot. Second: listen to intuition, vary rates during the "black bars" to a minimum, and raise them, when there was only a hint of winning. Third: if the slot is a function of "double win", use this opportunity to play at this point. And four: know how to gather the will of a fist, and leave as soon as win or lose a certain amount. So you can always control myself. Note that these secrets you got for free, and they are quite versatile!
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