How much does a poker pro net?

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 How much does a poker pro net? Empty How much does a poker pro net?

Post  maikl10 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:02 am

I had a bar conversation with a friend who was talking about the "millions" that all these poker pros make. I suggested that the

earnings are exaggerated because they generally don't consider tournament buy-ins and losses. Easy to look at the "$X millions" of

career winnings without considering the "$Y millions" of career buy-ins.
So, tapping the collective wisdom of this knowledgeable group... what does a decent pro expect to net in terms of income? What

about a top pro? I'm not looking for what top earners make in a good year; I'm asking what they make in an average year. Ignore

travel, hotels, meals, etc. Also, not thinking of endorsements, books, etc. Just thinking of tournament and cash game winnings and



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