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Post  maikl10 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:02 am

Hi im new so please dont be to rough on me.

In a nut shell I want to improve my game, but unlike the majority of people im not an online player but play mostly in friendly

cash games. Mostly micro limit 10/20 cent. (I live in Germany)
Typically on a good day I can beat this game for 60 to 80 euro with bad day losses totalling the same amount.

When i first began playing i was winning say 70% of the games but now im down to 50/50.

I dont have any stats..(live player) but im generally considered loose aggressive, and at the start this paid off.

Now however im getting called alot more , so i have tried to adjust my play and tighten up a bit. While this has lowered the amount

i could loose in a session, it has also for some reason meant i havent been winning as big.

IN fairness it could be the other players have got used to my game or im failing to exploit situations..

Any advice would be appreciated..

Please no haters, just a bloke trying to improve seeking suggestions from his esteemed peer group


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