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Online Poker Forum - How do you choose which hands to review?

Post  brain cameron on Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:57 am

Let's try to not put on an equal chance, and the six rooms (Six-line). A total of six sixes roulette. Pose directly to five of them, with the probability of winning is 30/37 - approximately 81.08%. With the game on equal opportunities, this probability would be only 48.65%. The odds of winning have increased. Do not forget that the initial rate is no longer $ 1 and $ 5. Let's see how things have changed the odds for the U.S. bank in $ 315 (the bank has increased five times). It is equal to 1 -
^ 6, ie 99,995%. And if you want to win $ 100 by winning a dollar 100 times in a row, the success rate will be 99.54%. For $ 1000 - 95.52%. Compared with normal Martingale quite well. You may say: "But the capital was five times greater." Yes it is. But compare how much easier it was to win $ 1000. And one more thing. In the casino, as a rule, do not allow to put $ 1 equal chances, the minimum bet is usually $ 20-25, but the six numbers you can put the dollar. May try to take $ 315 and go to the casino. With probability of more than 95% you will win $ 1000. Maybe try it?

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