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When to move up

Post  alex weber on Fri May 20, 2011 12:32 pm

Games against the casino or poker club.

Professional players like in real gambling establishments, and the Internet are divided into two categories - advantivnye players against the casino, and poker players in the club. Approximately 30% of professional players consider themselves to both camps, however, if it is a serious bet, professionals tend to specialize on some specific types of club poker (eg Texas Hold'em) specific advantivnoy game against the casino (BlackJack , Video Poker, etc), that is where the game using specially designed strategies a player can get permanent or temporary positive expectation (MO), or simply put a mathematical advantage over kazino.Pri discussing ways to career professional player on the various gambling forums, many are inclined to think that making money at poker is easier than advantivnyh games against the casino as a poker game is not inherent in the rules of the casino advantage to the player and the game is played against the same "live" players who are poorly versed in the theory of games and therefore make blunders, which naturally never possible by kazino.Odnako, all is not so simple. our brands
club poker and advantivnye game against the casino have both its pluses and minuses. Following the mathematically correct strategy when you play such advantivnye games like Blackjack or Video Poker allows players to gain an advantage over the casino to 0.5-3%, but it requires a player to a big focus, impeccable follow the chosen strategy of how to act in the game and on the rates (eg the player must suppress the desire to increase the rate if it is let in the negative period game). As a club of poker, where all is not as easy as it would seem at first glance. First in poker as opposed to playing against the casino there is no clear strategy for action. Any moves in
free blackjack
- is just indicative of the efforts to solve the equation with many unknowns. This solution can be either close or far from the truth, but it can never guarantee 100% results. In a long game against the casino, if a player should be meticulously chosen strategy, it will leave the table in the black. In poker all a bit different. If you are a professional player and play at small limits to amateurs, then you are almost 100% will be able to secure a regular income. However, club poker - this is essentially still a creative game where a very large role played by improvisation and a bluff. And this sometimes leads to such paradoxical situations where sozzled beginner free and clear beats runner

, while the first does not know what in front of him sits a professional, and guided cloudy alcohol brain acts quickly and decisively. Poker is a champion, in turn, used to deal with professionals

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