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How Much have you won? Empty How Much have you won?

Post  alex weber on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:39 pm

I just want to know how much have you won playing on line poker?
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what was the most you have won playing in a online tournament?

Lets see, I got 2nd in a tournament on Bodoy and I did have to pay to get into it but I won 85.00 and I got 2nd place in a nother tournament on Bodoy but it was a freeroll and I won 75.00
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I have not won nothing real big as you can see.
The desire to beat the casinos there are players from the moment of its occurrence. Whatever the casino - real or virtual, the money in the games to become a regular, and win them in advance to secure advantages before the casino, is eager to almost every other player. Others, too, dream of beat the casino, but not at the expense of special tricks, but by luck.
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However, luck - Satellite unreliable, and at the right time can simply disappear. But the math is much safer in this regard than any metaphysics and belief in fate. Maybe this is why literally every game has its own system that runs on winning at any cost. It is noteworthy that there are systems even for slots, where each rotation of the drums individually, and calculated random number generator.
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Not every player will be able to apply the system to a particular game. Some for this just do not have enough wit, memory and attention. Others, as already mentioned, the more they believe in fate, but others may well contend with fortune. But it is proved that the system basically works only for small segments of the game, and expect to win a major after several hours of play, is unlikely to have even you use the most, that neither is on, the magic system. Albert Casino

Today you can see on the Internet multiple ads tout buy supervyigryshnuyu system for all games. In order to promise things like: "Thanks to her, you can cheat and beat any online casino. And this is fraud, because such a system simply can not be. But really existing can be called, perhaps, the Martingale system.

Its meaning is known to almost all players, but in short it sounds like: each time should be twice the rate than in previous times. Thus, the player has an opportunity to avenge the previous win or win twice more than last time. If you decide to use this system, you have to use it very carefully and covertly.

The fraud of such an approach to the game can not be named, but it is absolutely clear from the standpoint of the casino, it is not. And because the casino each player is betting its own statistics and winnings. One need only observe the casino to use a certain system you play it is unlikely you will. It's simple - the casino, there is not to give money for gifted users of systems, and there is a certain logic.

There is a way out from this situation - try to invent their own system. But the strength is not everything.

As you see, to beat the casino is not as easy as it seems. Much more reliable way to achieve the desired - to play more often without losing their heads, and exploring the "nature" of each slot. casino poker

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